Jez Hall

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May 21 '13

I formed a social enterprise called Shared Future CIC in 2009, and through that do a range of work in the community, voluntary sector and social economy. Outside Shared Future I work independently as a freelance consultant.

I have a big commitment to Participatory Budgeting, and have been at the centre of its development in the UK. Participatory budgeting is recognised as one of the most effective mechanisms for empowering local communities and promoted by central government as a model of best practice for all local authorities to follow.

In the recent past I was employed by Lancaster University Management School, specialising in social enterprise development. Between 2005 and 2007 I was also a non-executive director of a North West Primary Care Trust, with portfolios in community engagement, complaints and children services.

I spent over 10 years working as a project development officer for a community architecture charity based in Manchester. Advising community groups on capital project development, community organising and community led regeneration, undertaking feasibility studies and giving training in community building management.

I always try to be personally active within the communities I live in. I’ve been chair of a local community association, once (unsuccessfully) stood to be a local councillor, and a director of Social Enterprise Lancashire Network.

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