Rosario del Pilar Diaz Garavito

Executive Director - Development consultant
Member Since: 
Aug 5 '18

Rosario is a Peruvian young civic leader founder and Chief Executive Director of The Millennials Movement. Currently she hold the UN NGO Major Group  Co / Operating Partner for Latin America position and was appointed as co regional Focal Point for Humanitarian Affairs at the UN Major Group of Children and Youth. Rosario’s commitment brought her to serve as international volunteer in Brazil at the Millennium Education Project to teach about Millennium Development Goals in schools. Since 2014 as civil society representative and youth advocate for the post 2015 and now 2030 Agenda, Rosario has voluntarily coordinated local, national, regional programs in order to bring the voices of Peruvians to national and global sustainable development processes.  

Within her organization 38 000 Peruvian voices were represented at United Nations with global leaders, being awarded by the UN Millennium Campaign with the My World Volunteerism Award at the UN Headquarters. On 2016 Rosario’s work was recognized by the US Department of State through the Young Leaders for the American Initiative and on 2017 by the Obama Foundation inviting her to join the First Civic Leaders Summit held on October in Chicago - USA. On April 2018 Rosario was appointed to deliver youth recommendations and contributions to the heads of States at the Western Hemisphere at the VIII Americas Summit, after a youth lead consultaitve process promoted by the Young Americas Business Trust.  

Currently Rosario is leading the Agenda 2030 Citizens Ambassadors Program to empower Youth lead CSO in 9 countries at the Latin America and Caribbean region to bring the 2030 Agenda message to their communities promoting political incidence through citizen diplomacy; also with the Young Americas Business Trust she is facilitating the Regional Youth Lead Observatorium to follow up governments commitment in the frame of the Americas Summit. Rosario represented Youth at the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2017 - 2018 and was member of the Peruvian Delegation for the United Nations High Level Political Forum 2017 contributing with the elaboration and presentation of the Peruvian Volunteering National Report. Rosario is a Former Women Champion 2015 - 2016 for UN Women - Empower Women Global Movement for Women Empowerment, former UNV for the Poverty and Environment Initiative UNDP, Bachelors in Law, specialist in SDGs and Sustainable Development Plans and Youth Policies for Sustainable Development.