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Welcome to our help page

This help page covers the basics, and we hope it will become more detailed over time.

If the issue you need help with isn't addressed here, you can post your questions or tips in the help forum to see if other Participedia users can help. You may also contact the Participedia support team with more specific help questions. We are continually updating our help section, and your input will let us know where to focus and what to clarify.

Follow the links below to find detailed instructions on how to search the site, contribute content and use Participedia as a teaching tool: 

Contributing Content to Participedia

Finding Information on Participedia

Downloading Data from Your Search Results

Text Formatting Tips

Assign Participedia in the Classroom

Adding Translations


Important note to contributors

This is still a beta site, so glitches may occur. Don't let a glitch or accident eat your carefully-crafted article or comment! The longer your contribution, the sadder it would be to lose it by accidentally reloading the page! We strongly encourage you to draft any content in a text editor (such as TextPad or TextEdit) and copy-and-paste your text into Participedia. If you use Word, please copy-and-paste from Word to a plain text editor (e.g. TextPad), and then copy-and-paste from there into Participedia; Word text often includes hidden code that can mess up the formatting of your contribution.

Other ways to participate

You can support Participedia's growth in many other ways, too. Give us feedback on how to make the site better. Click that "Like" button to build awareness of this project on the Participedia Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter @Participedia or click the "SHARE" button (directly under the title of every single article page) to share a case, method or organization on the social network of your choice. Most of all, please tell your friends and colleagues about Participedia, so that this site can be useful to as many people as possible.