5 - Very Polarized

Civic or 'public' journalism treats writers and readers of news media as participants in the democratic process rather than passive reporters or observers. Civic journalism reports news in a way that encourages and facilitates public deliberation on political and social issues.
Encompassing the variety of methods which seek justice through cooperative, inclusive processes. Justice sought in this manner attempts to re-balance and repair individual and community relationships.
Voter information services include any publicly available information regarding the general process of voting and/or the specifics of a particular election such as candidates and polling locations.

Method: Idea Jam

An "idea jam" is a collaborative brainstorming activity or event, geared towards generating solutions in a fun and creative environment. Jams can be self or group-initiated or planned in advance and facilitated. The format of a jam is flexible to the problem space that is being addressed.
An electoral district forum is an online non-partisan discussion board for the constituents of a single officeholder to interact with their political leaders and each other.
A method offering a minimal set of activities to informally fuse aspects of direct and representative democracy, offering constituents a more authentic political conversation, and eliminating the need to await wider political reforms.
Dynamic Facilitation, also known as the "choice-creating process", is a group-deliberation tool that enables participants to engage creatively with divergent perspectives.
Choicework Dialogue -- also called Choice-Dialogue or ChoiceDialogue -- developed by Viewpoint Learning, is a structured and facilitated method of face-to-face, in-person deliberation in which a representative sample of approximately 40 individuals deliberates for 8 hours about a policy issue. The method requires participants to read workbooks containing information about...
The Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) is a Citizens’ Jury that deliberates about a ballot initiative. In a CIR, organizers select a panel, made up of a random sample of 18-24 citizens, who are demographically representative of the population. The panelists meet for five days to learn and deliberate about...
Direct democracy broadly refers to the unmediated engagement of citizens in government or in governing themselves. In contrast to representative democracy, direct democracy has all citizens directly participate in deciding public matters.
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