Identity & Diversity

Auteur : Axelle Tribouillier. Le mouvement Black Lives Matter (BLM) a d’abord vu le jour aux États-Unis pour dénoncer la violence policière et les inégalités vécues par les communautés noires, avant de se propager dans de nombreux pays à travers le monde. Qualifié comme étant un nouveau mouvement pour les...
Beginning in 1970, the Mazdoor Kisan Party and associated peasant movements undertook campaigns to pressure landlords to implement tenancy law and to control rents. The movement was empowering for those involved, ultimately forcing the state apparatus and government to become more accountable to the demands of the peasantry, as opposed...
We Are Molenbeek (WAM1080) was a Citizens' Panel on radicalization and community reconciliation in the Belgian municipality of Molenbeek. Specifically, participants discussed the issues of youth radicalization (causes and preventative measures) and integration (current approaches and future avenues).
Problems and Purpose Women radio listening groups in Kenya are a democratic innovation in citizen participation as seen through the case of the Ford Foundation, that had considerable influence in funding a group in Malindi. Through various radio programs, marginalized women gain more knowledge and become empowered by learning about...
This case documents how ordinary people in northern Uganda are choosing to participate in informal settings on a daily basis. Here, away from the gaze of those in power, people are able to speak their minds with their friends and family, exploring the legitimacy, potential, and power of their concerns.
AYO is a grassroots, citizen-led movement in Winnipeg dedicated to youth empowerment and community capacity building.

Organization: Assembly

The Assembly, released online on 19.04.2017, has been created by Dr. Andrej Poleev for purposes of common prosperity, as stated on the corresponding page.
Purpose and Interest of the Case This paper aims to provide some information about the public consultation carried out by the Bolivian government regarding the construction of a highway that would cross the TIPNIS: a national park and indigenous territory. This case study is instructive because it is one of...

Organization: Eurac research

Eurac Research is a diverse group of academics with partners in over 50 countries who seek to find solutions to many of the world's major problems such as healthy living, sustainable energy and well-functioning political, social, and environmental systems.
Nearly 300 towns in Massachusetts use Open Town Meetings - local legislatures that allow any New England registered voter to speak, vote, attend annual meetings and place articles on the agenda.
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